Iceland is Green. Greenland is Ice.

This past November I went to Iceland. It was beyond amazing, and even though their food was terrible and expensive the rest of the trip was so affordable and so breathtaking. I highly recommend everyone add it to their bucket list. Here are some of the things we did while we were there.

  • The Blue lagoon was touristy, but soooo worth it. If it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s good enough for me. But seriously it was actually amazing. We spent 1/2 a day there and it flew by! And don’t worry. I asked my doctor if I was allowed to get in the natural hot spring before I went… I didn’t cook my baby.
  • The Golden Circle had some pretty amazing sights and I’m pretty sure I saw some Gnomes. Which apparently 50% of the population over there believes they exist….. like for real. They actually think Gnomes are real.
  • Vik was my favorite place. Not only  was it full of beautiful water falls, glaciers, and black sand beaches it was also sprinkled with quaint churches and random horses. Justin Bieber also filmed majority of his music video, “Ill show you” in Vik, so we had a blast driving around finding all of the same spots.
  • The Northern Lights. We saw them!!! Wooooo.

Tips for traveling to Iceland.

  • The food sucks and it’s so expensive. It’s like really really gross…..Even at fancy restaurants. Go grocery shopping and make simple sandwiches or something cheap. You’ll thank me.
  • Before you go make sure you know what time the sun rises and sets. We only had 6 hours of daylight each day so we had to jam pack our sightseeing in a very small window.
  • The country isn’t super large, but it still takes awhile to see everything. We didn’t get to see as much as we wanted to. So plan to be there a full week.
  • Rent a car! It’s easy driving over there. But beware of the wind gusts. Apparently it can rip off a car door.
  • Fly with WOW airlines, but pack food and drinks for the plane ride. They charge you for everything on the plane…. even hot water.
  • Be prepared to walk and hike places to get the full experience. It’s such a beautiful untouched country that hasn’t been commercialized too much yet. You’re gonna want to experience it all.

Anyway. Those are my tips! Enjoy some fun photos that I took!

Blog Collage-1454455165051

Blog Collage-1454454605478

Blog Collage-1454455584063

Blog Collage-1454455676133

Blog Collage-1454455364453

Blog Collage-1454455232203

Blog Collage-1454455714990

Blog Collage-1454455907411

Blog Collage-1454455824745

Blog Collage-1454455924735

Blog Collage-1454455751384

Blog Collage-1454455971479

Blog Collage-1454456369076

Blog Collage-1454456451212

XOXO, Lauren


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