There’s no bigger honor…

As I sit here a few days after my sisters wedding I struggle to find words that fully express how amazing her wedding was. I could go on and on about how amazing the weather was and how perfectly the day flowed. I could literally go on and on about how perfect Fisher Hollow looked with the manicured lawns, and the picturesque pond. And Don’t even get me started on how GORGEOUS my sister looked…..we’d be here all night!!

But instead of going into all of that I will just say this…

All weddings are special. I’m not just saying that because it’s my job as a wedding photographer to say that, but I say it because it’s true.

And even though all weddings are special, my sisters wedding was by far the best wedding I’ve ever been to! It wasn’t because of the weather (although perfect) It wasn’t because of the location (although touching since it was where we grew up) and it wasn’t because my sister was gorgeous (even though she really was flawless)

It was amazing because I’ve never seen my sister so in love, so happy, and so content.

oh and the puppies were pretty stinking cute….

Now as the maid of honor I had the privilege to give a toast and since many of you weren’t there I’ll leave you with what was said!!

There’s no bigger honor than giving a speech at your sisters wedding.

First you have tons of family and friends listening so you have abilitity )  to say whatever you want.

So first let me take this opportunity to let everyone know I’m single and looking for a man who is tall handsome with a great sense of humor….. If any of you know someone send them my way. I’ll be the adorable bridesmaid on the dance floor.
Second  when you have the mic you have the abilitity  (abil i tity) to embarrass the crap out of the bride and groom.
I’ve literally got the power to say whatever I want.
Sadly the bride has been the golden child of the family so there’s no dirt on her. And I don’t think there’s any way possible to embarrass the groom.  Now… I know what you’re thinking… “What Brandon isn’t the golden child?!?”
well you’re right…. He is too.
Turns out my family has two golden children. No wonder my parents call me their wild child. Compared to Brandon and Aftan an angel would be considered a wild!
Having the mic  also gives me the opportunity to thank everyone for coming and helping put together this beautiful event! So thank you to the other bridesmaids who helped do so much for my sister, and my family for going above and beyond what we could have dreamed, and a big thank you to my wedding friends who helped me look good! Seriously. Everyone has done so much to make this day happen and I couldn’t thank you enough for all you did to make today possible.
But  the biggest reason why it’s an honor giving a speech at your sisters wedding is because you get to tell everyone how awesome it is having a sister. And for me specifically, having the worlds BEST sister.
Now we all know Aftan is a teacher and an amazing one at that. And I want to just let everyone know that I personally  take credit for her being so talented as a teacher.
Think about it. She had to teach me everything. Without her who knows where I’d be.
(Turn to Aftan)
When I wanted to rebel against mom and dad when we were little you had to teach me respect and grace, Two things everyone admires about you.  We’d be the room that we shared  with that old loud air conditioner blasting talking out my frustrations and you’d just so easily give me a new perspective on situations. Showing me that respect and showing grace are important in life.
When I would get frustrated with my weaknesses you would find a way to console me and also encourage me to be proud of my strengths.
And when I thought I just couldn’t handle life and the crazy Unpredicted  turns it took, you’d cry with me and say it wasn’t fair and then in that same moment you would show me what  strength looked like.
And tootie you’re  the strongest person I know.
You spent 40 days in the wilderness sleeping on rocks and climbing dangerous mountains. You trained and ran a freaking marathon, you went sky diving, you attended countless bridal and baby showers as a single girl and survived!!!
 seriously you are amazingly strong, and I love that I get to call you my sister.
We’ve been lucky enough to have 29 years together relying on each other, comforting one another, inspiring, entertaining, and making some incredible memories together. I am so thankful for that time with you.
But I’m even more thankful that you met AJ.
Because the great thing about aj is he sees you the same way that I see you
He sees how funny, patient, hardworking, sensitive, and respectful  you are! . And for a protective younger sister this is exactly what you want.
Aj, I’m not going to lie. The first time I met you I wasn’t sold. I mean you seemed nice and funny and quirky but I just wasn’t sure if I liked the idea of you taking my sister away from me.
But … weaseled your way in and soon became the brother I never had.
Oh. Whoops. Sorry Brandon.
What I meant to say was, you became like a brother to me.
You love my sister the way I always dreamed her husband would love her. You encourage her, laugh with her, inspire her, lead her, and respect her. I don’t think I could have picked a better match for her myself.
So now if everyone could raise a glass with me and congratulate the cutest tooties on their wedding day.
To aftan and aj. Cheers

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Shout out to all my wedding peeps for helping!!!

Photographers: Amber Martin and Mark Buckwalter

Bride hair and make up: Shelbi Harmes

Engagement ring: Finch Jewelers

Flowers: Petals with style

Wedding coordination: Planned Perfection

Linens: Special Occasions

Decorations: Caroline’s vintage rentals
Cake: Bella Manse
Food: Mike and Debbie fisher or as I know them…. Mom and Dad
Officiant: Brandon Fisher, my brother

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