How Jon Gosselin “Made Me Famous”

Two weeks ago I went to a yearly event at the chameleon club called the bartenders ball. It’s a party that’s designed to celebrate all the bartenders and weekend warriors who give up their weekends so everyone else can have fun! I try to go every year because it’s honestly a blast! 

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This year I met up with a few of my friends who like me work weekends and we danced the night away to the amazing beats provided by Dj Freez. (Seriously if you haven’t heard his newest mix you must get your hands on a copy!) While dancing with my friend Michelle, I had a guy slither up next to me and whisper in my ear, “I can make you famous”

I looked at him puzzled and asked him, “Who are you?”  Like really? Please. Go on to the next girl. That line won’t work on this one!

As he and his squad smugly walked away my friend came up and asked what he said. I laughed and told her his line and she then said, “you know who that is right?!? That’s Jon Gosselin. 

Sooo crazy!

So we continued our night and ended up having the best time ever.
However, What happened later in the week was a little uncanny….

As some of you know, my last blogpost stirred up quite the controversy with wedding professionals across the country. I had more views ever and each hour more and more people were viewing what I wrote.….And to say they weren’t pleased is an understatement.

They were saying what I did was rude and a waste of my consultants time and how could I as a professional do this to someone else in the industry.

I was called very very inappropriate names in wedding group forums and I received a lot of comments that were just plain mean.

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I never in a million years would have expected such malice directed towards me!! And at such great volumes.  And there were far worse comments that got deleted because they were so malicious. 

So first I want to take a second to fill you all in on what I wrote back to this wedding group forum.  

“Hey wedding professionals.

First I want to apologize for offending anyone in here. I know everyone in the wedding industry works so hard for their paycheck and for their business.
We give up our weekends, time with family, fun with friends and we give everything we have in us to make sure our clients are happy. So I get why we can get sensitive about wasting time.

So let me give a little insider scoop to my post.

First, I did tip my consultant $150 with a thank you note saying whenever I do buy a wedding dress I want to come back. And I meant that. I loved it there and since I am not married yet. I hope to have to opportunity to have a real reason to go back. My budget will be more on the side of 3,000 and not 8,000 though. On the plus side I learned an a-line ball gown is what I want. Sometimes it takes girls 2-4 times trying on dresses to figure That out! So I’m ahead of the game now!

Second, when it came to talking to her we actually didn’t talk much about the “wedding.” We talked wedding industry and wedding dresses and her job. But that doesn’t make for a good blog. So I let my story telling nature take over and embellished the details to entertain everyone. And isn’t what we all want? To be entertained?

Third. This is my personal blog. One that I use to share with my friends and family what I am getting myself into. My professional blog is completely different. It’s just pictures and stuff. I didn’t use this to promote my business. It was just to document my bucket list. 

I know not everyone is going to like what I did. But I don’t feel bad for going to Kleinfelds and trying on dresses as a single girl.

-The consultant didn’t make a special trip into the salon for me. She was already at work doing her job.
– I tipped her $150 for 1 1/2 hours of her time. I thought that was fair.
– I actually hope to be a bride one day and when/if I’m lucky enough to be one, I’ve always dreamed of buying my dress there. If anything this trip reassured me that buying my dress there is the right decision.

Im sure some of you will still have strong opinions about me. I’m not here to change your opinion. I just wanted everyone to hear my voice on the matter.

With that being said. I will more than likely be leaving the group after this is over with. But thank you for giving me a chance to share my side of the story. “

After posting that most people stayed quiet. They didn’t apologize or take back anything but I can’t say I’m surprised.

Dealing with so much negativity I got to think about a lot. Like how do I as an adult deal with bullies and I came to a few realizations .

First, you really can’t control what other people think about you no matter how hard you try. This is the most frustrating thing for me because I want people to like me and when I can’t control that I get all worked up. In this process I realized I am in control of my own feelings and no one else’s. 

Second, mean people are always going to exist. Haters are always going to hate. This is just a sad fact but no matter how old you are, how cool you are, or how fun you are, someone will still find a way to knock you down. They find their own happiness in being mean and negative. And if you are rolling your eyes or wanting to post something negative right now you are THAT person! 

Third I learned that there will always be positive people in your life that will stand up for you even if you don’t know them. I had a few people, friends and strangers, who stood up for me in the thread of mean comments. That kind of support is priceless. I was thankful for everyone having my back and going through this I was thankful for their positivity. Everyone wins when that kind of positivity exists. If you find yourself in a situation where you can add some positivity, DO IT. You never know how far that kind of support will go. 

I want to surround myself with these types of people so we can all cheer each other on. 

11715954_10153058571402426_15430603_n  ( <—- This one was my favorite)

And lastly the biggest lesson I leaned through all of this is that when Jon Gosselin says he can make you famous, He means it. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.23.03 PM(

-Lauren fisher.


3 thoughts on “How Jon Gosselin “Made Me Famous”

  1. Hey Lauren! I love reading your blog! As a stay at home mom, which I love, I get to read about all the amazing, adventurous stuff that you do that I cant at this time of my life! Keep on doing it! Everything you write is so hilarious and yet, makes you think! I hope to, once my boys are grown, be able to create a bucket list like you and check each and everything off! Thanks for living your life according to you. I urge you to continue writing your blog. Atleast for the sake of a SAHM and her entertainment aside from spongebob!


  2. I remember your last post which I read some of and I am utterly shocked you had those responses. As a co-owner of a local business and just a regular person, I’ve contemplated writing a blog and now I find it terrifying. To think you weren’t even discussing religion and politics and got such horrible attacks is insane. I’ve only been connected to you via Facebook and think your blog even though personal and not for business makes you more relatable. If anything I’d expect you to gain clients from it.
    Anyways, stay the positive person you are, which is generic advice but I mean it. Having been ridiculed (as a teenager, not an adult like people should behave) I can understand how painful personal insults feel. You look great in these pictures above and I’m sure you’ll end up with an awesome loving husband one day!


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