Lauren’s 30 Bucket List

For most girls who are approaching their dreaded 30’s, another birthday sounds like the worst possible thing that could happen to them. You’re just one year closer to turning THIRTY!! My sister, who has cried at every birthday since she was like 6 years old, hated turning 29 more than she hated turning 30. But, for me, I was the complete opposite! Turning 29 was actually a really exciting day for me.

Not only was I planning an epic 29th birthday party – more on that for another post- but I also got to create my 30th birthday bucket list. Lauren’s 30 bucket list? I’m sure you’re questioning what the hell that even is. So let me take this blog post to inform you.
The 30 bucket list was born when my older brother was a month away from turning 30 and realized he needed to do something epic before he turned 30.  So with the help of my sister, our two friends Bret and Rj, and me, we made a huge list of things he should do. Like:  Test drive a hummer, spend the night in the woods for 24 hours with only a few survival things, enter an eating contest, learn to ride a unicycle, run a marathon with no training. There were tons and tons more on the list. Some were really great ideas and some ideas were illegal or just not that fun. So we had to come up with a process to narrow down our amazing list. We obviously couldn’t do just a normal boring choosing method so we came up with this:

-To be reasonable we thought completing 5 of 10 bucket list ideas would perfect.

-To be fair we let each committee member veto one idea and also choose one that had to be on the list.

-And to be fun we decided that mash would choose the remaining 5 slots.
So at the end of our brainstorming session Brandon had a list of 10 things on his bucket list to complete and if he completed 5 out of the 10 we would all celebrate with a champagne shower like they do at nascar. Thankfully he did complete 5 out of 10 and we did celebrate. We also decided that this was so fun that we all should  do it too! So the tradition was born. On our 29th birthday the committee would form and the 30 bucket list was born.
Now if you don’t already know…. I’m 4 years younger than my brother so I had to wait for what felt like an eternity for my time to come. Also, if you also don’t already know I’m not a patient person. like at all.  But in those years I got to watch Aftan and Bret both attempt and complete their lists (okay Bret didn’t quite finish  his, but whatever, he got close enough)

But this year? This was finally MY year!!

So without further adieu here is my bucket list!IMG_6589 2IMG_6586 3

Side note- remember that the committee comes up with the list and I have little to no control over what was included. I also had a pinch hitter come in for the committee. My best friend Justin was an honorary member. That being said I think my list is the best. But like duh…

– Have a food fight with 15 or more people  ( This one I HAVE to do, so once I pick a date I’ll let you all know so you can all join in on the fun)

– Have a Chinese lantern launch

– Apprentice with a taxidermist ( I love taxidermy, but I kinda don’t want to do this one.)

– Raise $10,000 for charity ( This one sounds the hardest, because I’m not an organized person….but I do love a challenge)

– Hug a redwood tree

– Get a job at Walmart (I hate you Justin)

– Shoot a flaming arrow into fuel ( I’m actually quite talented with a bow and arrow so this one should be epic.)

– Try on a dress at Kleinfelds

– Go to the Kentucky Derby (This was my choice that had to be on the list)

– Visit 24 different people over the course of 24 hours. (I’m gonna need a lot of square one coffee, and a lot of friends for this one!)

Turning 30 might be scary, but I’m so glad I have this list to distract me from it.

– Farewell Bitches (Still working on this sign off….lol)

Lauren The Photographer

***If you want to read a much cooler blog post about my sister’s bucket list go here


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